Hello readers,

Today we will be sharing with you all the fun things we like about Bengaluru.

Just a disclaimer that these are solely personal opinions and your disagreement does not bother us in any way. 😛

So…..…..let’s start, shall we?

UN (because numbers in English are very boring :P)


If you are familiar with the Indian geography, you know that there are very few places in India where you neither melt away nor freeze into ice. This is why whenever we tell someone that we live here; their first remark is about how fortunate we are to be living in an ‘air-conditioned’ city like Bengaluru. Due to the vastness of greenery, the weather is stable throughout the year, avoiding extremes. Through various environmental campaigns, the youth is striving towards maintaining the label of ‘garden city’.



Being the IT hub of India, the city is filled with the young generation giving it a chilled vibe. Here the lifestyle of people includes exploring, dining out, clubbing and seeking a relaxed life. The weather may not be extreme but the people sure are- you will find chics in pajamas and dresses, both on the same street. 😉

Although this is a South-Indian city, you will find diversity from not only India itself but also other countries.

Peeps are open-minded and accepting as well as respectful of others’ perceptions and viewpoints which make communication and social life easy and happening.



You know we cannot do a blog post without eateries! Bangalore is known for its amazing food joints, sprawled throughout the city on every lane. Restaurants can be found extensively- be it reasonably priced or over-the-top expensive. It has lots of cafes that cater to the needs of the likes of us.

We also really like the momos made here regularly found on street-side corners.



If you live in Bengaluru, it is mandatory to visit Nandi Hills which is a few hours on the outskirts of the city and is known for its magnificent view of sunrise and sunset.

Shivsamundram, a waterfall site is another such place to explore and go to on the weekends with family or friends.



If you want an inexpensive area to shop, these are the places to go to. From jhumkas to WACKO shorts, everything is laid out for you on both sides of the streets and it is real fun to walk by, peep in and find creative objects.

Church Street is fullllll of pubs, bars and bistros, making our tummies very satisfied.



Almost every month Bengaluru hosts a variety of music events like Sunburn Music Festival, EDM concerts and classical shows. This year alone we saw Afrojack, Armin Van Beuren, NH7 Weekender and ED SHEERAN,etc.



This is a posh locality of Bengaluru where the rich go to shop and we go to drool 😛

UB City Mall is the best one to be found and houses a wide variety of showrooms like Jimmy Choo, Versace, Burberry,etc. It also has bars like Skyye, Café Noir and Shiros.



Bengaluru is a metropolitan full of churches like St. Anthony’s Frairy Church and St. Mark’s Cathedral. They are beautifully decorated during Christmas time adding a different glow altogether.

That’s all the things we especially like about this place. Do let us know what are some of your favourites 🙂

Stay happy, keep smiling and keep exploring!






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