Hello readers,
Now that we’ve talked extensively about European cuisine, it’s time to get back to our Indian roots- Shahi Biryani. Now, while the origin of biryani is uncertain in this country, we like to call it our own delicacy.

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Biryani is a mixed rice dish made with spices, rice and meat or vegetables. In North India, it is traditionally associated with the Mughlai cuisine of Delhi and the Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow; in South India, it is linked with the Hyderabadi cuisine.

From our experience in trying out different biryani centres in Bengaluru, we have come to the firm conclusion that Meghana Foods serves the better version of the Andhra style biryani. This type of biryani is not the traditional way that the Nizams of Hyderabad made and continue to make to this day for this is a more spiced up version. It’s what the locals prepare at home. One key ingredient added is saffron that gives it a majestic taste.


Biryani is served with Dahi chutney(yogurt, mint, and onion) and Mirchi ka salan(a green chili curry) as accompaniments and Baghara baingan (roasted Eggplant) is a common side dish that enhances its flavour.

Meghana Foods has its wings in Koramangala, Marathahalli, Brigade Road, Indiranagar and Jayanagar. Their prices are affordable with one bowl of biryani costing approximately Rs.200/-. Their restaurants follow the traditional style of eating food on banana leaves making the experience interesting.

Photo 19-09-15, 2 03 00 PM

If you have a penchant for Andhra style biryani, you can give this place a try.
Stay happy, keep smiling and eat biryani 😛


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